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I have 5+ years experience being an Ophthalmic technician. I changed professions a little later in life due to needing a change. I really enjoy what I do now, and working directly with the patients is an absolute joy for me. I don't really have any hobbies at this time other than being there for my husband, my adult children, and grandchildren, whom by the way, are my entire WORLD .  I also have an immense love for all animals, I even brake for turtles (I'm the crazy lady u might pass on the side of the road because I pick the turtle up and move it to the side of the road so it doesn't get hit)!


My name is Lizzette Acosta I was born and raised in Queens , NewYork. I moved to east Texas 20 years ago for a change and been here since 2003. I am married to a wonderful husband, we have 3 children and 2 grandsons and a granddaughter on the way. I have three dogs Bella, King and Queen they are also my babies.I graduated High School and got an associate degree in business. I also am a Medical Assistant, phlebotomist and went to school for awhile for ophthalmology. I love working with people and helping when I can.


Registered Nurse

Brenda is a registered nurse and aesthetic injector based in Texas. With over 12 of experience in the healthcare industry, Brenda has a solid foundation in providing quality patient care. She began her nursing career in labor and delivery, dedicating her expertise to supporting families during the childbirth process for over 10 years. Driven by a passion for both healthcare and aesthetics, Brenda expanded her skill set to include aesthetic injections. She combines her extensive medical knowledge with a keen eye for detail to help clients enhance their appearance through various aesthetic treatments. Her empathy, precision, and dedication to patient safety make her a trusted professional within the field.In addition to her practical experience, Brenda continually seeks to stay updated on the latest advancements in aesthetics and skincare. She actively participates in professional development courses and training, ensuring that she provides the most effective and innovative treatments to her clients. She believes in a holistic approach to beauty and wellness, and strives to promote self-confidence and well-being among her clients. Whether it's providing exemplary patient care or enhancing clients' natural beauty, Brenda is dedicated to making a positive impact through her work as a registered nurse.

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